How the Techellence CIO further reduced attrition and morale loss of people whose companies were being acquired, facilitating acquisition integration success.

As the direct interface to the executives and senior leaders of acquired companies, Dr. Sur spent intentional time coaching them through the transition. Many fears existed in the hearts of the leaders, who in turn had to address the concerns of the people they managed. If they panicked, the team members in their care might do the same, potentially causing massive attrition and reducing the value of the acquisition.

Leveraging his coaching skills, Dr. Sur maintained close contact with executives and middle managers to provide support and guidance. Listening to their concerns while recognizing their strengths and ability to overcome uncertainties enabled the leaders to give the same confidence to their team members. Some of their fears could happen, but their resiliency and hope for a better outcome enabled them and their teams to thrive and produce more outstanding results than expected.

Further, the personnel of the acquired companies collaborated better with members of the acquiring company. The increased willingness to support each other for a mutually beneficial unified goal made the transition more fruitful.

As a result of Dr. Sur's coaching of individual leaders, his organization was able to preserve the value of the acquisition and come out positive in dollars through increased employee morale and speed to transition, making the integration a wild success.

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