How the Techellence CIO enabled $53M revenue, exceeding aggressive projections by more than 35%, by successfully handling an acquisition transition of a $550M investment.

Dr. Sang Sur can quickly understand technical and business ramifications and put actions into motion with relative ease. His experiences as an IT Executive, Consultant to business leaders, and Senior Principal of Information Technology handling M&A at an $18.9B global company demonstrate this.

As the technical M&A lead, he created the playbook for all acquisitions to align the business and the IT team to understand the work at hand and collaborate throughout the execution of acquired-company transitions. In it, he dove deep into all applications/systems used by potentially-to-be-acquired companies to estimate the time and costs to migrate their tools over or consider the ability to eliminate their toolset and instruct the acquired employees to use the existing tools. Performing diligence and understanding the use cases, he made the keep or discard decisions and worked directly with the vendors to negotiate or cancel the contracts. He also handled data management, including data cleansing and migration of massive data into a unified data set.

At the beginning of each acquisition, Dr. Sur worked with the corporate business leads to set goals for a successful acquisition. An acquisition of this size has not yet been made, leading to many unknowns. However, Dr. Sur collaborated with business leads, pioneering a written and continuously improved plan to handle the transition. As a result, business executives knew what to expect, and the IT team handled all critical aspects of the technical transition. Dr. Sur's insightful and collaborative planning led to a successful transition of a $550M investment, generating first-year revenue to exceed the aggressive revenue projections by more than 35%.

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