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Technology and engineering executive directors come to us when they are overwhelmed with the tasks at hand and want to be effective leaders to go beyond where they are today. We help executives in technology and engineering fields to excel in their roles by improving profitability, efficiency, and maintaining compliance. Techellence provides Technology/Engineering/IT Coaching and Advisory services to businesses and corporations. Techellence is a Sciturus company.

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We deliver results for all business sizes including small/medium-sized businesses, corporations, non-profit and government organizations. Every modern organization are technology-led, and we can help you to be profitable, efficient, and maintain compliance.

We have two ways of delivering results. First is the traditional consulting, where you define a desired result and we provide the research, plans, and even execution of the work if desired. We also specialize in executive coaching where we can support your leaders to drive your programs with excellence. We can help you remove roadblocks, uncertainties, and lead your team effectively.

Coaching versus Consulting

Compared to traditional consulting, coaching is a modern method of achieving beyond-expected results. Consulting relies on third-party experience and knowledge to produce generally known results. Coaching supports leaders in navigating through the complexities to achieve their goals. Both Consulting and Coaching drive results and begins with a problem the client wishes to resolve. Both are practical approaches depending on circumstances.

Should I hire a consultant or a coach?

You should hire both, depending on your situation. For any thriving leaders, especially those in executive positions, an executive coach will make you effective throughout your career. Your coaches may even suggest at times to hire a consultant based on your task-based needs. The coach is flexible to work with you on any new challenges that arise and focus on your most urgent needs. Do you ever run out of challenges?

What is Consulting?

A consultant provides his/her expert opinions, analysis, and recommendations to organizations or individuals, based on his/her proven experience and knowledge of a specific field. They can handle the problem that you may not want to deal with and provide you with a solution when you are uncertain about approaching a problem. In ordinary language, specialists such as plumbers or a tax accountant provide you with consulting services, including assessing your situation, designing the plan based on their assessment, and executing the plan with your approval.

When is consulting beneficial?

  • For leaders who do not know how to resolve a particular situation and would like an expert, objective, and outside opinion
  • For leaders to shift the work, risks, and responsibility to another competent party
  • For leaders to handle problems that are typical to get the work done. Results are known and do not pose much risk
  • For leaders when current staff are not available for the work, or when staff needs to be supplemented temporarily

What is Coaching?

A coach supports your leadership and enables you to maximize the opportunities and reach your desired goals. Knowing that you are a well-versed person who has solved many problems before, coaching methods seek to draw out from you the optimal solutions to handle the problem. It leads to out-of-box thinking to get a handle on the problem and activities to get through the issues at hand. For example, if you are a financial executive, would you abdicate your financial responsibilities to a consultant? The coach can make you shine in your role.

When is coaching beneficial?

Coaching is beneficial to make leaders into great leaders. They do this by:

  • Allowing their heart and actions to be in sync with the things that they do. As a result, they would operate out of self-motivation instead of doing things because others impose it on them
  • Allowing them to recognize their limiting habits and thinking and breakthrough to accomplish more extraordinary things
  • Leading you to set far better goals and succeed in accomplishing them
  • Prioritize your activities to what matters. You will be more effective
  • Supporting you to build deeper relationships and have a more significant influence
  • Pointing out your blind spots
  • Checking in to confirm you are on the right track
  • Working with you to handle any new challenges that come your way
  • Helping you to be more effective leading teams

Where do Consulting and Coaching overlap?

When you need a fresh insight on a particular matter. Consultants will provide their advice based on their knowledge and experiences, while the Coach will enable you to identify a novel solution that fits your needs introspectively.

When resolving a challenge. Consultants will solve the problem in a way they see fit, and the results are likely short-term. Coaches will work with and facilitate you and your team to solve the problem together. The results are long-term, and the members involved will be motivated and know what needs to get done.

When can Coaching be more effective than Consulting?

  • The consultant will generally provide a safe and well-accepted solution that may be limited. S/he may consider future risks based on what they know, but the solution may not be as comprehensive and optimal for your organization. On the other hand, the coach will work with you who know your organization and the constraints that you can foresee. As a result of coaching, you may uncover better ways to attain the same goal that would last for the long haul.

Technology and engineering executive directors come to us when they are overwhelmed with the tasks at hand and want to be effective leaders to go beyond where they are today. We provide both consulting and coaching, and we are after leaders in technology and engineering. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our Team

Sang Sur, Ph.D., CISSP

Chief Technology Officer / Executive Coach and Advisor

Experienced technology executive and strategic technical business advisor with over twenty years of success managing large global organization’s technology and engineering teams working with multiple industry verticals and technologies. Builder of influential leaders. Find out more about him at sangsur.com.
  • Minimized attrition, time-to-transition, and increased $53 Million in revenue growth for a half-billion-dollar acquisition by directing a global team of over 500 and developing an evolving M&A playbook.
  • Coached executives to successfully navigate and lead their teams despite many uncertainties, thereby increasing morale and productivity while minimizing operational and financial losses.
  • Saved $100+ Million in contract negotiations.
  • Led engineering teams of all functional disciplines to develop radar and countermeasure systems that protect US Forces abroad. Prior US Air Force Officer.

James Grossman, MA, ACC, CCP

Executive Coach and Advisor

Jim is an experienced entrepreneur, coach, advisor, teacher, writer and speaker. With education and certifications from some of the world's most respected coaching and training organizations, he has successfully launched and grown companies in the advertising, marketing communications, health care, and organizational development markets. Now he's helping clients write their own success stories.
  • International Coach Federation
  • Center for Executive Coaching
  • ADD Coach Academy
  • ADHD Coaches Organization