Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is open to all leaders, both in corporate and other settings.

Coaching Workshop

Coaching workshop is the most popular offering due to its lower costs and ability to make immediate impacts for you and your organization. Participants are corporate, small/medium business, and non-profit leaders with a specific problem they wish to solve. The coach will select a small group (generally 3-7 people) with a similar situation and complement each other.

The workshop is 75% instruction with actionable steps to improve your situation. 25% is open to interactions with one another and further introspection.

The team will gather for 4-6 months with varying durations depending on the content and estimated time for participants to complete the work in between the sessions. Exact start date/time are intentionally excluded to adjust to the availability of the participants. Meetings will be held virtually.

The cost of each coaching workshop is $2,997.

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Group Coaching (AKA Master Minds)

Group Coaching is similar to the Coaching Workshop in that the participants are corporate, small/medium business, and non-profit leaders with a specific problem they wish to solve. The coach will select a small group (generally 3-7 people) with a similar situation and complement each other.

The difference is that the leadership of the conversation occurs among the participants with about 10% instruction from the coach. The coach will facilitate the dialogue and direct the team to determine actionable steps leading to solutions.

Group Coaching is generally for members who have gone through the coaching workshop and those who would appreciate the support of other leaders in the field.

The team will gather for six months, two times each month. The meeting times will be coordinated with the team when they have been selected. Exact start date/time are intentionally excluded to adjust to the availability of the participants. Meetings will be held virtually.

The cost of group coaching is $2,997.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for leaders who seek specific resolutions to their specific issues. Unlike group coaching, where attention is divided to support the needs of other members and scheduling, the executive coach will be available to the leader to focus on his/her target problem. You may also leverage this when a workshop/group coaching is not available but you need a solution now. Executive coaching is most effective when you are looking for results in a complex situation.

The program will be customized to meet the needs of the leader. The term will generally be between 6-12 months, meeting every two weeks.

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Personal Vision Planning

Are you uncertain of your calling in life? You will spend 3-6 months directly with a coach to assess where you are today and develop a plan that fits your passion and drive.

This program includes personal assessments to identify your leadership and thinking styles and a leadership 360 assessment to get feedback from others around you. The result will be a personal vision and actionable steps to move forward with it.

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Corporate Coaching

In addition to the solutions for individuals leaders, we also support corporations and organizations in making optimal decisions for maximum profitability, effectiveness, and compliance.

Strategic Planning

We provide a proven strategic planning process used by executives who want results. Strategic planning doesn't have to be stressful, cost a fortune in consulting fees, or leave you with a dusty binder that rots on your shelf.

Executives from companies around the country share with us that strategic planning can be one of their most frustrating processes for the following reasons:

  • The executive team lacks a common language for strategy, and so people argue over what strategy is instead of doing actual strategy.
  • The strategic planning process results in too many ideas and priorities so that the organization tries to do too much and spreads itself thin.
  • After the strategic plan is written down and passed around, it ends up sitting on a shelf, and few of the initiatives are executed effectively.

Strategy doesn't have to be stressful. You don't have to "outsource your brains" to a consulting company that costs millions of dollars. And you can get everyone aligned and accountable to implement your strategy.

We provide you with a complete three-part strategic planning and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

  • Answer the most important strategic questions to give your organization an edge;
  • Agree on only the most essential priorities required for success; and
  • Put in place accountability and a structure to ensure that your strategy gets implemented by the whole organization.

The process doesn't require a large team of external consultants. Instead, it draws on your employees' knowledge and expertise and is efficient. Most organizations complete the process via a series of three facilitated meetings over four months. Perhaps best of all, the process doesn't require unnecessary conflict, confusion, or stress. It uses straightforward language without jargon and bakes in accountability and results from start to finish.

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Expert Facilitation

Our expert facilitators are professional coaches. The difference between coach-facilitators and other "expert" facilitators is that the coach seeks to bring out the motivation and drive of all decision-makers to optimize the decision for you to execute for the long term. Consultant-based "expert" facilitators may bring their knowledge and drive the conversation, but their experiences may not fit your organization to achieve optimal results in today's market. Besides, the facilitators are temporary to help you make decisions. You and your organization's team will be the ones to drive the execution and the aftermath! Our expert coach-facilitators will ask powerful questions to help you make the best decisions to reach your ideal goal.

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Motivational Speaking / Keynote Speeches

Our expert coaching team, who are also technology specialists, can support you to motivate your team to pursue your vision. We will work together with your leadership to frame the best message to provide third-party encouragement for your colleagues.

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Leaders Only

Only leaders who wish to make a difference in society and their organizations will be accepted for membership. Your desire to make that difference is essential in group coaching/mastermind sessions, as we will work together to solve complex problems.

One key component of leadership is coachability. A coachable person desires to improve by welcoming feedback from others and through introspection. Therefore, one question you must ask yourself is, are you coachable?

The second component of leadership is your drive for success. Coaching tends to be most effective for high performers. Your successful career and stature in an organization or the pursuits you undertake may demonstrate this.

For that reason, we ask every interested participant to fill out a questionnaire before being accepted into our program. We may contact you afterward if we require further clarification of your responses.

Workshops and Group Coaching for Leadership Growth