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Chief Technology Director who enabled financial success for a national $1.5B and a global $18.9B corporations is available to improve the profitability, efficiency, and protection for your business.
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I made it my goal to help growing small and medium-sized business owners and leaders of non-profit and government organizations driven to grow their businesses and organizations to handle their technology successfully. -Dr. Sang Sur
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Core Techellence capabilities
Technical Program Management Simply put, Your Coordinator and Advisor
System Assessment Cut waste and improve output
Software Development and Automation Custom Optimization to your work
Asset Protection and Cybersecurity Protect assets and meet compliance
Vision and Team Development Set direction and optimize your technical team
Cloud, Global Infrastructure and Operations Plan for and execute business around the world
System Design for Massive Operations Scale your business for success from where you are
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How are you handling your organization's technology needs?

I provide Technology Leadership and Services to enable your business to succeed by being profitable, efficient, and protected.

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