How the Techellence CIO generated profits handling acquired companies for a global Fortune 500 software company leading to a successful exit of $18.9B.

At a global Fortune 500 software company that eventually sold at a valuation of $18B, Dr. Sang Sur was the Chief Advisor and Consultant to the Senior Vice President of Information Technology, representing Global IT through the entire acquisition lifecycle from diligence to completion of integration. He established organization and structure to initiate and integrate or disseminate business processes, systems, and infrastructure of internationally acquired/divested companies.

Dr. Sur influenced 200+ IT personnel in the US and another 600+ offshore. The IT organization supported a company of about 15,000 employees worldwide, continuing to add numbers as more acquisitions progressed. Due to the breadth and depth of the required support, IT members held specialties in marketing, sales, finance, customer support, digital commerce/web, product development, partners, communities, human resources, professional services, vendor management, procurement, education, and legal. As Dr. Sur identified specific resource needs for each acquisition, he reported them to the executive leaders requesting to leverage the team members as needed at their proper times. The managers of specific functions looked to Dr. Sur as their leader for each acquisition project while directing their teams through collaboration.

Dr. Sur reviewed and assessed 1,000+ existing vendors and 100-200 more for each acquisition. He reduced, eliminated, or added vendors to maintain current and new operations.

Dr. Sur's success was driven by his close relationship with key customers, including the Senior Vice President of Information Technology and all non-IT business chief executives. His accomplishments were proven by his proper program management of the acquired companies, raising the risks and issues at hand timely, and ultimately measured by the profitability of the acquired company and reduced attrition to support that return on investment. His successful work led to the organization's high valuation, eventually selling at $18.9B.

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