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Resolve Time Overwhelm
Accomplishing great things and making bottom-line impacts mean the leader acts on the most important things as time continues to flow.
How Does It Work?
Time operates the same whether you are an executive of a $100B company or a three-year-old. Family, work, and other personal goals are essential but can easily be dismissed when faced with seemingly urgent needs. For example, a CEO of a small business organization grew his business from the ground up, working directly with the customers, vendors, and local officials. As the organization grew, he had more meetings, “fires” to handle, and compliance activities. He was burning out. He frequently had 2-3 hours of sleep and was less responsive in important meetings.

Impact of Time Overwhelm
  • You make poor choices.
  • You no longer see the bigger picture.
  • You are no longer driven to succeed, but seek to maintain what exists.
Why Resolve Time Overwhelm?
  • You are overwhelmed.
  • You are missing critical decisions.
  • You are less alert in important meetings.
  • You are disorganized.
  • You are not getting sufficient rest.
  • You have too many interruptions and fires to extinguish.
  • You want to be more productive.
  • You want to make impacts where it matters most.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Be an effective leader.
  • Be more grounded and focused.

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