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Thinking Comprehensively
Planning effectively minimizes risks and increases the chances for success.
How Does It Work?
Leaders understand the big picture and communicate them in smaller components for the team members to handle portions of it. However, when the leader fails to think strategically, the organization may fail. Chess Grandmasters make sacrifices with the bigger picture in mind, while lower-rated players may try to protect their queen. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,”1 and it is up to you to be the strategic thinker.

Impact of Ad-Hoc Decision-Making
  • Unexpected problems may surface causing rework or possibly abandoning the project.
  • Team members may feel disconnected.
  • Other benefits may be missed.
Why Think Comprehensively?
  • Consider risks and minimize potential problems.
  • Move strategically, when “ready, fire, aim” is not called for.
  • 360 Assessment reveals you make rash decisions.
  • Make effective use of the available data.
  • Feel more confident after deciding.
  • Create repeatable processes and solutions to common problems.
  • Be perceived as a “thought leader.”
  • Communicate and coordinate better with team members. Allow them to feel included.

This course needs more interest to begin. Sign up to show interest

Leaders Only

Only leaders who wish to make a difference in society and their organizations will be accepted for membership. Your desire to make that difference is essential in group coaching/mastermind sessions, as we will work together to solve complex problems.

One key component of leadership is coachability. A coachable person desires to improve by welcoming feedback from others and through introspection. Therefore, one question you must ask yourself is, are you coachable?

The second component of leadership is your drive for success. Coaching tends to be most effective for high performers. Your successful career and stature in an organization or the pursuits you undertake may demonstrate this.

For that reason, we ask every interested participant to fill out a questionnaire before being accepted into our program. We may contact you afterward if we require further clarification of your responses.