This course is ongoing. Small groups are still being formed.
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Improve Your Network
Build Your Powerbase
Nothing of greatness has ever occurred from one person. You must know others who can help you to accomplish the great things you are after.
How Does It Work?
People who hold you in high regard build your power base to secure opportunities and get things done. Those who have that power base can launch successful start-ups, excel in their leadership roles, and are people who can be relied on to get anything done. Your power base can help you secure new clients, new direction, or even a successful career.

Impact of Having a Small Network
  • Your career or business growth has come to a halt or is very slow.
  • Your ability to solve problems and get things done are limited.
  • You miss top opportunities.
Why Improve Your Network?
  • You get passed for top opportunities.
  • You feel insecure about job security.
  • You have trouble getting things done when other people are required.
  • You have an opportunity to be more productive by improving the quantity and quality of relationships.
  • You are in a career transition.
  • You are a business owner and need to improve sales and partnership with other businesses.
  • You are an independent professional, solopreneur, or salesperson who must develop relationships to succeed.
  • Get more opportunities, even before they are posted publicly.
  • Get things done easier and make things happen.
  • Have greater status and career trajectory.
Course Details (6 weeks).
Course work and order will be tailored to the members of your small group.

  1. Gauge your current powerbase
  2. Deeper dive into your current connections
  3. Who else should you know?
  4. Develop an ongoing relationship process
  5. Social Media concepts
  6. Graduate with a stronger powerbase.

This course is ongoing. Small groups are still being formed.
Sign up now to reserve your seat.

Leaders Only

Only leaders who wish to make a difference in society and their organizations will be accepted for membership. Your desire to make that difference is essential in group coaching/mastermind sessions, as we will work together to solve complex problems.

One key component of leadership is coachability. A coachable person desires to improve by welcoming feedback from others and through introspection. Therefore, one question you must ask yourself is, are you coachable?

The second component of leadership is your drive for success. Coaching tends to be most effective for high performers. Your successful career and stature in an organization or the pursuits you undertake may demonstrate this.

For that reason, we ask every interested participant to fill out a questionnaire before being accepted into our program. We may contact you afterward if we require further clarification of your responses.